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Netflix’s ‘Move to Heaven’ Main Poster

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Netflix has ultimately dropped the main poster for Move to Heaven, among the streaming giant’s newest additions to its growing directory of Korean original series.

Move to Heaven complies with injury cleaners that help grieving people in arranging and keeping the ownerships of their dead loved ones. It fixates Han Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang, Crash Landing on You), a boy with Asperger’s disorder, as well as his uncle-guardian Jo Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon, Taxi Driver).

move to heaven

The major poster is established inside a messy room, an acquainted scene for injury cleansers like Sang-gu and Geu-ru. Showing his care free nature, Sang-gu rests conveniently on the floor, a boylike smile brightening his face. His nephew stands simply a few inches from him, worn his coverall uniform while blankly lugging a yellow storage space box. Meanwhile, Na Moo (Hong Seung-hee, Navillera) considers Geu-ru with cozy eyes, intensifying the audiences’ curiosity regarding their unique set. Adding last touches to the poster are the words, “I will be with you for your last move,” which portrays that Sang-gu, Geu-ru, and Na Moo are more than just a team of cleaners, they are additionally bearers of undelivered messages to people left behind by the left.

Among the cast of the series are stars Kim Doh-yon (Men Are Men), Shin Soo-oh (Gracious Revenge), and Jung Ae-yun (Amor Fati), with cameo appearances by Ji Jin-hee (Undercover) and Lee Jae-wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol).

Move to Heaven is penned by screenwriter Yoon Ji-ryeon of Angel Eyes (2014), who has repeatedly captured the essence of human life in her works, and is helmed by producing director (PD) Kim Sung-ho, a visual storyteller. The drama is slated to have its global release this May 14, exclusively on Netflix.