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Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ Nana confirmed to star with Jeon Yeo-been!

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Nana’s agency Pledis Entertainment on May 28 confirming that the actress will indeed appear within the drama.


Nana (Oh! Master) has officially joined the cast of Netflix’s original drama Glitch! She is going to star alongside Vincenzo‘s (2021) actress Jeon Yeo-been.

Jeon takes center stage as Hong Ji-hyo, a lady whose longtime lover suddenly disappeared right after they both decided to require their relationship to a subsequent level.

With the assistance of a community of UFO watchers, they investigate the disappearance of her boyfriend Lee Si-kook, to be played by Lee Dong-hwi (Pegasus Market, SF8: Manxin), and together, they discover a mysterious secret.

Glitch follows one woman’s desperate journey to seek out her boyfriend who mysteriously disappeared into nothingness after flashes of strange lights happened one night. so as to seek out him, she asks for help from a community of unidentified flying objects (UFO) enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Nana will play Heo Bo-ra, a struggling Twitch streamer and YouTuber with alittle number of online followers. As a full-fledged keyboard warrior, she rarely shows her face, and she or he stays in one corner of her room, editing her content all day long. She is additionally hooked in to extraterrestrial mysteries.

After debuting within the show business as a singer in 2009, Nana also decided to pursue a path in acting. She was ready to land roles in many dramas like the great Wife (2016), Kill It (2019), Justice (2019), and Memorials (2020).

Netflix also released on Friday, May 28, the stills of both Nana and Jeon Yeo-been from the drama’s script reading session.