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Exciting Episodes for the New K-Drama ‘Nevertheless’ lead actress Han So-hee

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The character still of the lead actress Han So-hee in the upcoming JTBC drama “Nevertheless“.


Nevertheless follows two 22-year-olds who have different perspectives when it involves love and relationships. They cross paths, only to finish up kindling the romance they swore to avoid.

Han So-hee

In the released images, Han So-hee (The World of the Married) transforms into Yoo Na-bi. Na-bi is a student who is so dedicated to her craft, she earns the nickname “Workroom Ghost” for sometimes performing at the varsity studio. However, behind her cheerful aura may be a woman who has given abreast of the thought of affection and destiny after the traumatic end of her last relationship.

Han So-hee
On her new approach to romance as a “dater,” she meets fellow art major Park Jae-eon (Song Kang, Navillera), a person who prefers to flirt, as he finds dating annoying.When asked about her new project, Han So-hee shared, “It’s a webtoon that I’ve always liked,” pertaining to the drama’s source material, the Naver Webtoon “I Know But.” “[I knew] that if ever it might be dramatized, [Yoo Na-bi] would be one among the roles I’d want to undertake and play. I’m happy to be within the drama,” she added.
Han So-heeNevertheless, a 10-episode series is slated to premiere on June 19 at 11 p.m. KST and air every Saturday. it’ll even be available for streaming on Netflix.