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Lead Cast Reviews for New KDdrama “Monthly House”

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More exciting previews ahead of its premiere for the upcoming drama Monthly House have released!

Monthly House

JTBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama Monthly House is a romantic-comedy series that centers on two people who have opposing perspectives on what a home is. The released teaser features Jung So-min (Soul Mechanic) and Kim Ji-Seok (My Unfamiliar Family). The actors have transformed into Na Young-won (Jung), the editor of Monthly House magazine, and Yu Ja-Seong (Kim), the CEO of the said magazine, who are doing separate interviews.

In the interview, Young-won says she believes that a house is a place where you can rest after a long, hard day at work. However, in the eyes of Ja-Seong, a house is an investment. He refers to Na Young-won as Na “Bbang”-won (bbang means zero), as Young-won would often go broke from paying for her rent. Her co-workers make fun of her because of this, and she ends up hating her boss, Ja-Seong, even more.

Young-won believes that “poor” backward in Korean means, “Could it be me?” and she makes it a point to tell people, “You can become poor in a second, too!” After renting for 10 years, Young-won has become more eager to buy her own house and would often ask, “I’ll be able to have my own house one day, right?” However, Ja-Seong only sees the house as a source of funds. He would yell at Young-won, telling her to edit the articles the way he wants. “Is it such a hard request to ask that you emphasize not a house you want to live in but a house you want to buy?” Frustrated at her boss, Young-won calls Ja-Seong a “jerk.”

The drama also released Jung So-min’s stills as her character Na Young-won. Young-won spends the whole day as the busy editor of a magazine, and when she comes home after work, she spends time relaxing at the rooftop with a beautiful night view.

Monthly House
Monthly House

The production crew commented, “The key point of this teaser is the honest feelings of how Na Young-won and Yu Ja-Seong view one another as ‘Na Bbang-won’ and ‘jerk.’ Please look forward to whether these two polar opposites, with regards to how they view houses and each other, will eventually be able to walk a ‘road of romance.’”

Monthly House will premiere on June 16 at 9 p.m. KST.