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Kim Eui-Sung shifts back from sweet to ruthless in new stills from ‘Taxi Driver’ 2021

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SBS’s new Friday and Saturday webtoon-based drama revolves around a personal taxi company called Rainbow Fortune as well as its workers who out carry vengeance orders for its clients. It fixates its dramatization motto that states, “In a society where justice is missing, a phone call is all you need.” It stars Lee Je-hoon (Where Stars Land), Esom (Save Me 2), Kim Eui-sung (Arthdal Chronicles), April’s Naeun (Extraordinary You), Jang Hyuk-jin (Awaken), Cha Ji-Yeon (Scent of a Woman), and also Bae Yoo-ram (Zombie Detective).

Veteran actor Kim Eui-Sung is showing some major personality change in the brand-new stills from the upcoming dramatization Taxi Driver.

Kim Eui-sung

On March 2, Taxi Driver revealed the very first personality stills of Kim Eui-sung, who plays the role of Jang Sung-chul, the head of Rainbow Fortune who takes charge of the vengeance orders as well as penalizing the criminals. In the launched stills, Kim makes a 180-degree transformation from his sweet, grandfather-like character to his fierce Chief Executive Officer appearance.

Kim Eui-sung

In the initial pictures, Kim happily participates in volunteer job and approves an exemplary honor for his service. Nevertheless, in the last photos, his happy ambiance has actually gone away, as well as his smile has turned into a hazardous scowl with cold, piercing eyes, changing right into a frightening Chief Executive Officer of a covert business.

Kim Eui-sung

Kim Eui-sung shared, “CEO Jang is a dissentious character. He is a philanthropist benefiting the well-being of the sufferers of terrible criminal offenses and also their family members, and also at the same time, he is a dark hero who seeks crooks as well as penalizes them past the domain of the legislation. These two characters of his coexist within himself without contradiction. The most essential point of my preparation was to explore what kind of an individual he might be and to figure out what sort of person I will depict him as.”

Kim Eui-sung