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Fantasy Drama writers of ‘Hotel del Luna’ courted Joo Sang-wook

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Screen soon for Joo Sang-wook!

Joo Sang-wook
Lee Jae-Wook (Move to Heaven), Park Hye-eun (The School Nurse Files), Hwang Min-Hyun (Live On), and Oh My Girl’s Arin (The World of My 17) were previously reported to be considering the show.

Joo’s agency HB Entertainment confirmed reports that the actor had been offered the upcoming tvN drama Return (working title) and is positively reviewing the script.
Like Hong sisters’ previous dramas, Return, too, maybe a fantasy story revolving around young magicians that affect heavenly spirits.

Return is that the newest project by the celebrated screenwriting team consisting of Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, more popularly referred to as the Hong sisters. they’re credited with a number of the most important hits on South Korean television—My Girlfriend may be a Nine-tailed Fox (2010), the best Love (2011), Master’s Sun (2013), and Hotel del Luna (2019).

Joo Sang-Wook is best known for starring in Giant (2010), Good Doctor (2013), Birth of a Beauty (2014–2015), Glamorous Temptation (2015–2016), and Grand Prince (2018). He was last seen in Channel A’s romantic comedy Touch (2020) opposite Kim Bo-ra.