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Music KPOP Latest Updates: Kim Wooseok, IZ*ONE and Lee Yi Kyung

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If you’re craving for some fresh news on Music KPOP, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the latest updates about your favorite Music KPOP singers and celebrities.

It is confirmed! Top Media just released an official announcement on February 5 that they will be releasing a solo album for Kim Wooseok in the first half of [2022].

Kim Woo Seok

In addition, Top Media also announced that Kim Wooseok will be opening his solo VLIVE channel this February 6 at 6pm and the channel will be used mainly for active communication with his fans. 

Top Media also postponed Kim Wooseok’s fan meeting in light with the recent global scare caused by Coronavirus. The company stated that further details will be announced once everything  has been decided. 

Kim Wooseok came from the boy group X1 who recently announced their disbandment. Their group announced that their members and agencies made a negotiation under unanimous agreement. However, they could not come up to an agreement, which led to their disbandment. 

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE is finally gearing up for her return. Mnet released on February 5 a teaser of IZ*ONE’s comeback show for BLOOM*IZ, the girl group’s first studio album. 


IZ*ONE’s album was originally scheduled to be released last year on November 11. However, the album was postponed due to a controversy involving a voting manipulation in the series “Produce 101”.

Their album will now be released this February 17 at 6pm KST. They will have a comeback show which will air on the same day at 8pm. The show will also broadcast online via Facebook and Youtube under Mnet, M2 and Stone Music Entertainment. 

Another Music KPOP artist is set to transform into a trot singer. Actor Lee Yi Kyung announced on February 3 that he will be releasing a trot song. A trot song is a genre in Korean music that uses repetitive rhythm and vocal infections. It is one of Korea’s oldest forms of pop music. Actor Lee Yi Kyung will deliver a unique and fresh energy in music by expressing himself through the use of a trot song. Fans can now look forward to the new trot singer Lee Yi Kyung. 


The actor recently starred in several projects such as School 2013, Go Back Couple, My LoveFrom the Star, Children of Nobody and Welcome to Waikiki2. He gained praise from his fans for his versatility in portraying different characters ranging from genres comedy to action. He received several recognitions from different award giving bodies. His recent film Hitman:Agent Jun even surpassed this 2 million moviegoers!

In addition, Lee Yi Kyung can also be seen through his variety show Player in which he performed a charismatic performance in the Trot Duet Song Festival last year. 

Just recently, Lee Yi Kyung finished filming his latest music album. Celebrities such as Lee Soo Geun, Hwang Chi Yeol, Lee Yong Jin and Lee Jin Ho will all be featured in the said music video.

Lee Yi Kyung’s first ever trot song will be released sometime in mid-February. 

2020 is the year Music KPOP will share some of the brightest lights, huge successes, biggest collaborations and partnerships. There is truly no doubt that when it comes to music, Music KPOP is the one to watch out for.