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Quantum Physics [2022] (Korean Movie Review)

86 / 100

This movie truly deserves another season even though it satisfies us it also gave us the feeling that we want to see another of it! Director Lee Song Tae draw huge attention among Koreans when he filmed Quantum Physics starred by award-winning actor Park Hae-Soo (Legend of the Blue Sea and Pirates) who portrays as a club manager.

Quantum Physics Review

He later discovered a drug case that mainly involves some prosecutors and politicians which urged him to do a thorough investigation along with co-stars Seo Ye-Ji and Park Ki-Hun to prove that the controversy is definitely true.

Apart from the movie’s interesting plot, Quantum Physics massively caught the attention of the majority due to its similarity to Korea’s Burning Sun scandal. It was also noted that some scenes were actually shot at the Burning Sun. Speculations came out telling that it was originally portraying the Drug Scandal.

But this was firmly denied by Merry Christmas Entertainment, the film’s producer, which they have no idea about it and they were done filming the Quantum Physics at the same location, before its explosion. Thus, this gave obviously positive attention to viewers who got intrigued by the film.

The main character, Lee Chan Woo (Park Hae-Soo) knew that there is a celebrity drug scandal happening in his club. Being good in nature, he never was settled by the fact that they would continue to flourish their uncanny business.

He is determined to gather all the necessary shreds of evidence. Lee Chan Woo was not all alone on this mission. A cop portrayed by veteran actor Kim Sang-Ho became his ally along with beautiful Korean star Seo Ye-Ji (Hwarang). Together, they would try to uncover the mystery and solve the case.

Quantum Physics” is a comedy-action film genre. This makes it a bit light for viewers who are not entirely interested in a pure action film.

The collaboration of tried and tested the acting skills of both Hae-Soon and Sang-Ho clearly knows how to rule this film. Their natural skills in comedy and versatility of projecting roles made this movie a must-watch for this year.

Quantum Physics Korean Movie

This film reveals the clubbing life. The normal partying that happens most nights where everyone finds pleasure with music, alcohol, people and some with drugs.

This opens the eyes of the mass of how nightlife in Korea normally takes place and the possibilities of drugs circulating. Be it a normal party-goer or the elites that take advantage of this kind of business. This has been a culture in South Korea to be dominated by power. This sort of power manifests great oppression among the small ones or the ordinary citizen.

Quantum Physics or as the movie portrays as the Law of criminals is making a huge buzz not just because of the casts, but by its coincidence with a real celebrity drug scandal that burst out in South Korea.

This is a major representation of how illegal drugs are being manipulated through power.

And its surprisingly similar setting of the movie, Burning Sun, gathered people to witness how this illegal nature is circulating in clubs all over Korea.

Other casts include Kim Eung-So, Byun He-Bong, Kim Young-Jae, Lee Chang-Hoon-I, Song Jong-Hak, Im Chul-So, Park Kwang-Sun, Hyun Bong-Sik, Hyung-Jik, Heo Yo-ri, Kim Won-Sik, Kim Dae-Gok and Ji-Chan.

Park Hae-Soo who is never a neophyte when it comes to owning his role in any film or drama, has made another unforgettable role that undeniably making him being noticed once again.

His talent and his passion for acting have been proven and tested once again that he is not just a normal Oppa but an actor to watch for. The subtle plot and the team of casts made this comedy action film one of Korea’s must-watch movies for this year.

Quantum Physics Trailer

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