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‘Yoon Byung-hee the actor in ‘Vincenzo’ Joins the New Korean Drama ‘Insider’

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Ahjussi Vincenzo‘s (2021) scene-stealer is gearing up for his new drama!

Yoon Byung-hee
Details about Yoon Byung-hee’s character and his involvement with the protagonist are still under wraps as of writing. Nonetheless, after getting the attention for his roles in hit dramas such as Hot Stove League (2019–2020) and Vincenzo, viewers are anticipating what kind of performance he will show in the upcoming drama. Other actors in talks to join them are Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Within) and Kim Sang-ho (L.U.C.A.: The Beginning).

Starring award-winning artist Kang Ha-neul (When the Camellia Blooms), Insider follows a judicial apprentice who becomes involved in a case after conducting an insider investigation and ends up getting imprisoned. Kang will be playing Kim Yo-han, an apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute who is cautious and peculiar. His trusted colleague’s betrayal sends his life in a downward spiral, but his tenacity and wit make him determined to survive his downfall.

A drama official from JTBC’s new series Insider revealed that actor Yoon Byung-hee will be joining the cast of the drama.

Set to air in the second half of 2021, Insider will be directed by Min Yeon-hong of Missing: The Other Side (2020) and penned by Moon Man-sae of Priest (2018–2019).