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Watch: “Nevertheless” Cheerful Behind the Scenes Despite Difficult Conditions

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JTBC’s “Nevertheless” released a new behind-the-scenes look!


The making-of video begins with Song Kang and Han So Hee rehearsing the scene in which Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang) waits for Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee) in the rain. Han So Hee recites her lines, calling out Park Jae Uhn’s name in a surprised tone. Song Kang plays along and excitedly responds, “Yoo Na Bi?” Han So Hee also climbs up the stairs to get taller than Song Kang, causing him to ask, “Why’d you get so tall?”

Han So Hee and Song Kang playfully splash each other with the rainwater before filming. Trying to fix his wet hair, Song Kang presses his hair down, making Han So Hee laugh. After purposefully dropping the umbrella during filming, they quickly pick it up again once they’re done to escape the rain.

Song Kang reminds Han So Hee, “You can’t fool around just because the making-of camera is filming.” Afterward, the two actors rehearse their movements in detail. When Song Kang gets serious with his gaze, Han So Hee points out to the director, “He’s not blinking again.” Song Kang then pretends to get on his knee, begging Yoo Na Bi not to leave him.

Having to sit out in the rain for the scene, Song Kang pleads, “Mom, please save me.” Maintaining an upbeat attitude despite the difficult filming conditions, Song Kang shares, “You play Na Bi, and I play Jae Uhn.” Han So Hee replies, “Let’s try to fight well.”

Watch the full video below and check out “Nevertheless” every Saturday night at 11 p.m. KST!