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Very First Teaser for the New Korean Drama ‘The Devil Judge’

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 The live courtroom program is close to the beginning of The Devil Judge lead showman Ji Sung has just notified anticipating viewers!

ji sung
Set during a fictional dystopian Korea, The Devil Judge follows a stern judge as he presides live court trials before the whole nation. Ji Sung (Doctor John) takes center stage for the titular role and is joined by Kim Min-jung (My Fellow Citizens), Park Jin-young (When My Love Blooms), and Park Gyu-young (Sweet Home).

In the freshly released preview for the series, Ji Sung makes a gasp-worthy transformation into his character Kang Yo-han, a head judge who punishes criminals mercilessly, thereby earning the nickname “devil judge.”

It opens with a close-up shot of his eye because it reflects a picture of a city torn by flames and chaos. He then puts on his judicial robes and makes a dramatic entrance into a courtroom that has been transformed to resemble a modern-day reality television program.

Judge Kang announces, “Citizens, the people’s court will now commence,” yet his piercing glare and ambiguous smile encounter as ominous warnings of him being a true devil just hiding behind the mask of law.

The production team remarked, “The first teaser video was intended to guide everyone into the drama’s fictional setting of a disrupted Korea and its concept of a devil judge who will provide a new definition to justice amidst a dystopian world. Please anticipate the changes Kang Yo-han’s ‘court of the people’ will bring during a time of turmoil.”

Slated to be a Saturday-Sunday drama, The Devil Judge will premiere on July 3 at 9 p.m. KST, replacing Mine.