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Upcoming KDrama’Human Disqualification’ Teaser

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New teaser of JTBC has released  for its upcoming healing drama Human Disqualification!Human Disqualification

Starring Jeon Do-yeon (The Good Wife) and Ryu Jun-yeol (Lucky Romance), Human Disqualification follows the story of two people who have lost their ways in life and how they found comfort in each other. The drama aims to highlight the stories of ordinary people who have done their best in their lives but feel like they have not amounted to anything significant.

The opening of the teaser features melancholic music and shows the two characters going on about their lives mindlessly and without any enthusiasm. In a voiceover, they make confessions to their fathers. Bu-jeong (Jeon) is a 40-year-old ghostwriter who feels like she has not achieved anything worthwhile. In an exhausted voice, she says, “Father, I haven’t become anything in over 40 years.”

Meanwhile, Kang-jae (Ryu) wants to overcome poverty and is afraid that he would not become anything as he approaches the end of his youth. He confesses, “I miss you, Father, and even though I was born just like everyone else, I don’t think I can become anything,” while he says goodbye to someone who has just passed away.

Toward the end of the video, the two can be seen to have crossed paths. In one clip, Kang-jae asks in the background, “If we run into each other next time, shall we die together?” The teaser closes with them lying close to each other on the bed.

Human Disqualification, also known as Lost, is set to premiere this September.