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Sweet Moments on Set Of “The Devil Judge”

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New making-of video of tvN’s “The Devil Judge”!

The Devil Judge

“The Devil Judge” is a drama set in an alternate-universe, dystopian version of Korea where the entire nation participates in a trial through a live broadcast courtroom show.

The making-of video shows the admirable teamwork between Ji Sung, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and Jeon Chae Eun. Ji Sung plays the cold-hearted but brilliant judge Kang Yo Han, Jinyoung plays the honest and righteous associate judge Kim Ga On, and Jeon Chae Eun plays Kang Yo Han’s haughty niece Kang Elijah.

On Jeon Chae Eun’s first day on the set, Jinyoung warmly greets her, saying, “Hi, Elijah.” Unlike her cold character, Jeon Chae Eun is friendly, and she greets him with a shy smile. Ji Sung goes over the details of her lines with her, and he’s a gentle mentor as he helps her with her acting. Once they’re done filming a scene, Ji Sung sweetly suggests, “It’s her first time, so should we try it one more time?”

The Devil Judge

The three actors come together again to film a different scene. Ji Sung gives acting tips to Jeon Chae Eun, and she is quick to follow them. Jeon Chae Eun transforms into Kang Elijah and says, “Ahjusshi and oppa are different.” Ji Sung suggests she says that line in a different way, and to brighten up the atmosphere, Jinyoung adds, “You’re speaking a fact.” At that, Ji Sung quips, “That’s not a fact!” Everyone laughs at his quick reaction, and Ji Sung continuously repeats that it’s not a fact.

The Devil Judge

Then the three actors prepare to film the scene where they eat together. Filming begins, and Ji Sung runs away when the maid catches him deliciously eating the food Kim Ga On made. Jinyoung ignores the commotion and urges Jeon Chae Eun to eat, but once the “cut” sign is given, he bursts into laughter as he says, “I’m really clueless, aren’t I?”

The Devil Judge

Watch the full making-of video below!