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Spooky Teaser Poster of ‘The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate’ 2021

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The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate is an occult drama that follows Hong Ji-ah (Jang Na-ra, Oh My Baby), the head and owner of Daebak Realty. Behind her put-together picture as well as good looks, nevertheless, is a hot-tempered broker and also a competent exorcist who obtained her capacities from her mom. She manages “possessed” properties and does away with the spirits that dwell in them. She encounters Oh In-beom (Jung Yong-hwa, The Package), a guy working in the exact same supernatural company. Only, he is a swindler that does not count on ghosts however uses them to obtain money from people. With In-beom’s excellent skills and Ji-ah’s uncommon capability, both work together in discovering the mysteries that surround each residential property that need exorcism, in addition to the fact behind the death of Ji-ah’s mother.


Upcoming KBS2 drama The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate teases audiences of its hair-raising tale with a first discount photo.


e Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate


Caught in the teaser poster is the citadel of exorcism itself, Daebak Real Estate. Set against the background of a pitch-black evening and also an apparently abandoned complex, the brilliant and also lit signboard of Ji-ah’s shop sticks out. Presented by the door is an indication that claims, “Opening hours: From sunset to sunrise,” to suggest that they just operate when it is dark as well as do not always cater to people with regular real estate needs. Contributing to the eerie feel of the image are the vines that go around the building and also a silhouette of an individual backing up a shut yet poorly lit window on the 2nd floor.


The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate is scheduled to welcome the visitors for the first time on April 14 as KBS2’s brand-new Wednesday-Thursday dramatization, following the final thought of the recurring collection Hello, Me!