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Special next week’s episode for ‘Hospital Playlist 2’

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A special episode will be released during next week’s broadcast, tvN’s hit series Hospital Playlist 2 has decided to take a week-long break from its regular programming.

Hospital Playlist 2

tvN’s side subsequently announced, “A special episode will be broadcast on July 29 [in place of episode 7]. It will feature our collection of commentary videos, NGs [“no good” takes], and contents from the first half that our cast members have participated in.” However, a representative from the drama’s production team clarified that the decision made was not due to filming delays.

According to multiple media sources on July 22, the highly rated medical drama is set to postpone the airing of its seventh episode due to COVID-19-related setbacks. “Based on my understanding, adjustments being made on the quality of the script as well as unforeseen delays in filming due to COVID-19 measures have caused next week’s broadcast cancellation. Currently, the production team has already started editing a special episode,” one industry insider revealed.

Starring Jo Jung-suk (Nokdu Flower), Yoo Yeon-seok (Mr. Sunshine), Jung Kyung-ho (When the Devil Calls Your Name), Jeon Mi-do (Mother), and Kim Dae-myung (The Sound of Your Heart), Hospital Playlist 2 centers on five medical doctors, who are not only life-long friends but are also members of the same quirky musical band. The 12-episode series airs every Thursday at 9: 00 p.m. KST and can also be streamed on Netflix at 11 p.m. KST.