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“River Where The Moon Rises” 6 Moments From Episodes 15-16 That Broke Our Hearts

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Today’s episodes of “River Where the Moon Rises” bring plenty of pain and also little in the way of levity. The portents of doom sprayed last week bloom right into war as well as rebellion, as Go Won Pyo (Lee Hae Young) as well as Go Geon (Lee Ji Hoon) decide to quit adjusting King Pyeongwon (Kim Bup Rae) and go straight for the throne themselves.

River Where the Moon Rises

Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) is gotten ready for what’s coming and also what she needs to do to rid Goguryeo of Go Won Pyo once and for all. Yet the man that enjoys her ( Na In Woo) discovers that he could not possibly have understood the degree of what he would need to bear. Without additional trouble, these are the minutes that had us wrecking this week.

1. Pyeonggang lying to Dal

River Where the Moon Rises

Pyeonggang’s confrontation with Go Won Pyo as well as Queen Jin Bi (Wang Bit Na) was impressive, and her scheme causes her removing both individuals who straight produced her mother’s fatality. On Dal’s intense protectiveness of her throughout the scene is seemingly a resource of toughness for her. Which is why it comes even more as a surprise when he carefully says that she lied to him concerning the letter being real.

There’s so much that’s heartbreaking concerning this scene. There’s the tender method Dal states it, as well as just how he claims it’s fine for her to utilize him at all she pleases however to refrain from doing it to anybody else. There’s the clear dispute in Pyeonggang’s eyes when she sees that he’s hurting but also thinks that what she’s doing is right and also required for the country. Then, there’s the awful truth that Pyeonggang’s never existed to Dal after their first encounter. She’s always picked to omit the reality rather. Also in episode 6, when she recognized she would temporarily return to life as an assassin to save Tara Jin (Kim Hee Jung) and also Tara San (Ryoo Ui Hyun), she just slipped out to do what she needed to do and return. And when Dal saw her, she easily confessed what she was up to.

Yet this time Pyeonggang actively lied to him by claiming the letter was genuine when it had not been. As well as despite how she warrants that it had to be done, that Dal could not maintain a lie to save his life, she understands that he additionally understands that she chose to hurt him. And even though he agrees to take that, it still hurts to view.

2. Their bittersweet date

River Where the Moon Rises

However this isn’t responsible Pyeonggang, since she does make an initiative to deal with that mistake by taking Dal out on a day outside the royal residence. The delighted couple of old lastly resurfaces as the two leave the politics, unscrupulous, and also limitless backstabbing of the royal residence for some fresh air and great antique fun.

Pyeonggang begins to grin once again, and Dal, well he’s definitely happy. Yet, fact comes crashing down once again in the most awful of ways. Pyeonggang could leave the palace yet the royal residence never ever leaves her. She found out the hard way in episodes 7 and 8 that palace life is in no other way straightforward, and that she has to sink to the level of her opponents to make it through. So, like Go Geon, Hae Mo Yong (Choi Yu Hwa), and Go Won Pyo, Pyeonggang can not quit looking into her shoulder, focusing on what she’s missing out on and what she has to identify before it’s far too late. And easily the magic is gone as well as the date is over.

Her dropping the mirror Dal will gift is a threatening warning as to what is to come and to just how their relationship would certainly fracture. As well as the depressing means Dal stares at it while she focuses more on Go Won Pyo’s spy shows that he recognizes it. By The Way, Triumph Component, the manufacturing company for the program, was inundated with numerous issues concerning Pyeonggang’s actions that they released a deleted scene that happens right hereafter dreadful day.

In it, Pyeonggang informs Dal that she discovers it difficult to breathe in the palace daily, so she can not think of just how suppressing it should be for him. She says she desires she might smile as well as laugh with him like a routine person, but she seems like she messed that up. She recognizes he’s having a hard time because of just how she’s transformed upon entering the Royal residence. Dal ensures her that he doesn’t respect things like that. She’s terrified of disappointing him yet he informs her to go ahead and see if he also blinks at it. Pyeonggang’s concerned however Dal leads her off to show her something. This scene segues into when he reminds her of the horse he carved her and its definition: that he is constantly on her side. This one’s a hero for the books. What a man!

3. Pyeonggang shedding her mood with Tara Jin

River Where the Moon Rises

Dal isn’t the only one really feeling the adjustment in Pyeonggang. When Tara Jin is dishonored by Go Sang Cheol (Yoon Joo Man) for being a Goturk, Sa Poong Gae (Kim Dong Youthful) and also Dal involve her protection, with the latter delivering a gratifying strike to Sang Cheol’s face. Yet, Ga Jin is dismayed at the fighting and also tells them that this isn’t Ghost Town. As participants of the royal residence they have a task and also dignity to support and can not be seen combating in the street like rabble, as the infighting might cause people to doubt the royal family members’s strength. As reasonable as her comments are, they stay focused around politics and not around Tara Jin, who has actually recently shed her sibling, uprooted her life to relocate to the resources just so Pyeonggang can have a pal around, and also was insulted and also demeaned by Go Sang Cheol.

While Dal does his ideal to safeguard his better half, Jin sighs that he has it the hardest and leaves. Dal tells Pyeonggang that Jin was injured, and she does attempt to make it as much as her by providing Jin her freedom: if she wishes to return house or go where she desires Pyeonggang won’t be egocentric and stop her. Yet, Jin remains, regardless of Doo Joong Search Engine Optimization (Han Jae Youthful) attempting to hire her to return to being an assassin, confirming that the people around Pyeonggang like her enough to forget anything. Nonetheless, the inquiry occurs regarding for how long they can keep doing so.

4. Dal goes Pyeonggang for the very first time

River Where the Moon Rises

Dal’s resolution to remain solid regardless of what Pyeonggang does is sorely evaluated when she intimidates Yang Chaek (Choi Kwang Je) the leader of Hwangju Citadel with his household’s lives. Horrified, Dal draws her away and also tries to show her that she’s turning into Go Won Pyo, but unfortunately, that’s exactly what Pyeonggang wants. To beat her opponent, she needs to believe like him and also play the exact same video game he’s playing. Trying to be kind and upright won’t take her far and she knows it.

What’s so awful concerning this scene is the means Pyeonggang defends the legislation and argues that she’s doing what’s right. While Dal asks for her to reveal Yang Chaek’s household compassion, Pyeonggang suggests that as princess she is bound to the legislation whatever that regulation is. It’s a strange debate for her to make given that she simply used her authority as princess to argue for a tax obligation on the affluent (which was what precipitated the disobedience at Hwangju Fortress). And Dal sees it. That inflexibility and also resolution to adhere to unjustified policies rather than altering them doesn’t bode well, as well as he rejects to see Pyeonggang stain her spirit by doing this.

River Where the Moon Rises

There’s no words for just how heartbreaking it is, as well as the look on his face when he eliminates Yang Chaek to avoid him from being intimidated as well as to spare his family’s lives is so unfortunate and true to Dal’s personality. Pyeonggang wants to save a country yet Dal wishes to conserve individuals, despite who those individuals are. He sees himself and his tribe in the shattered remains of these revolutions as well as limitless fights. As well as he will not let anybody harmed them greater than they already have actually been. Even if it’s Pyeonggang, since he loves her as well.

5. Dal’s emotional breakdown

“River Where The Moon Rises” 6 Moments From Episodes 15-16 That Broke Our Hearts

Pyeonggang and also Dal’s argument post-Yang Chaek’s death is unfortunately real to their character arcs. He screams that this is a problem in between the two of them as well as to stop bringing politics right into it, and she retorts that she isn’t her as his spouse but as a representative of the King. Ouch! And also as always, Dal accept Pyeonggang. The 2nd he listens to that there’s been a series of rebellions in neighboring citadel, he right away volunteers to enter and do all the grunt work needed to vanquish the disobedience. To her credit, Pyeonggang does her best to make him return to the resources, recognizing that this is way too much for him and that he requires remainder. Yet Dal points out that she can not be in 2 places simultaneously. Pyeonggang personally battling would leave Pyeongwon as well as Crown Prince Won (Park Sang Hoon) defenseless against Go Won Pyo and also Go Geon. So once more, Dal dons his armor and battles. Just, he can’t take it anymore. The battle, the blood, it’s breaking him up inside as well as the program does an outstanding job of showing how each successive fight uses him down up until he’s a mess.

This culminates in a heartbreaking scene with a dead bunny where Dal cries aloud, questioning if he killed it. In a way, the bunny stands for whatever great as well as innocent regarding his old life in Ghost Village. Dal’s innocence is gone. He’s learning specifically why On Hyeop (Kang Ha Neul) asked him to live as a fool, and also he grieves those care free days. Poong Gae and Jin are without words in sorrow at how much this is hurting him. Dal’s a altered guy when he returns triumphant after those battles. He’s still the same kind, caring person inside but he’s been burglarized a thousand pieces. As well as he’s distressing as a warrior now.

River Where the Moon Rises

When Dal returns to locate Go Geon (who’s gone completely outrageous at this moment) and Pyeonggang appearing like this:

He loses it and snarls at Go Geon, looking so homicidal as well as battle-mad that even Pyeonggang shivers. Go Geon literally puts down his sword as well as lets himself get thrown in jail. That’s how terrifying Dal is now. As well as the sad thing is, he never wished to be by doing this.

6. That bathtub kiss

River Where the Moon Rises

This scene was unbelievable. He’s so undoubtedly ruined inside yet still delicately telling her that he’ll constantly get on her side.

This is so heartbreaking because it establishes what this show is meaning: that Pyeonggang knows the toll this is handling Dal however will certainly still ask him to maintain combating, and that Dal recognizes what this will do to him however loves her excessive to ever before refuse. This doesn’t indicate that Pyeonggang is an enemy. She isn’t. She just has various top priorities than Dal, and he knew that from the beginning.

However, those different concerns suggest that Pyeonggang won’t identify just how vital Dal is till it’s far too late. She likes him, but he’s additional to Goguryeo and beating Go Won Pyo. Her goals are admirable and very remarkable, yet she hasn’t understood that constructing a brand-new Goguryeo will suggest nothing if Dal passes away at the same time. With the show heavily meaning catastrophe in every minute, it’s unclear if they will actually follow through as well as have Dal pass away, but there’s no refuting both of them get on a dangerous course. As well as neither shows any indication of stepping back.

Mentioning people that have no intention of going back, Go Geon as well as Mo Yong have officially both gone nuts and also are figured out to become Goguryeo’s Bonnie and Clyde. As magnetic as they are onscreen, there’s no redeeming or understanding them anymore. A minimum of they’ve found each other to be crazy with.

Mo Yong, you might’ve been a lot far better than this!

We’ve got Mo Yong ready to eliminate Pyeonggang, Go Geon making declarations of love to her and also entirely forgetting that he loved Pyeonggang for eight years, Go Geon unexpectedly wrecking at the idea of being king, him obtaining thrown in jail with his papa, whom he’s additionally betraying since he enjoys Mo Yong, and we’ve got Doo Joong Search engine optimization (Han Jae Young) on the loose, so every little thing’s a mess.

Following week does not bode well either. We have Girl Sa’s (Hwang Young Hee) fantasizes meaning Dal’s fatality, and also she’s fretted sufficient to trip to the palace to ask him to return to the village. But the preview reveals Dal snapping with her as well as likewise reveals Go Geon nearing Girl Sa’s carriage, which can not be excellent. It’s looking likely that she’ll pass away and that Dal will certainly be tortured by remorse. With 4 episodes left and also Mo Yong, Go Geon, Go Won Pyo, Doo Joong Search Engine Optimization, and King Jinheung of Silla (Kim Seung Soo) to remove (so many adversaries!), it looks like the activity will keep going strong, as it has thus far.

But hopefully, the approaching darkness will certainly be balanced out with moments of tranquility! Dal requires it therefore do we!