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Psychopath Diary [2021] Korean Drama Review

83 / 100

Another comedy thriller will be presented via TVN. This series is very intriguing that it will truly draw out the audience’s attention because of the technique used in creating a fascinating plot. Soon, it will be aired in every home that most is likely to be followed by netizens. “Psychopath Diary” talks about a man who mistakenly believes that he is the actual killer because of the diary he is keeping.

Psychopath Diary Cast

The object used to detail every heinous crime is being jotted down in the diary. The story involved many characters. One of these was Yook Dong-Sik, a tremulous person who can’t even complain nor have the courage to speak even his rights are being discriminated by his co-workers. He works in Brokerage Company. Until such time, he discovers a diary possess by a serial killer.

The words being scribe in the diary was not like just any ordinary narration of life events; neither happiness nor sadness. What was written is the detailed information of abominable crime committed by a psychopath.

After what he learned, he absconded himself with the diary until an accident happened. An accident wherein police Sim Bo-Kyung was the driver during that time. The worst part is that Yook Dong-Sik loses his memory.

Psychopath Diary Korean Movie

The diary he was holding was the only thing he has. As he scans each page, he was convinced, that he himself is a serial killer. As time passed by because of mistaken beliefs, he began to change. In the entire story, what was very surprising is that the serial killer was found right there where Yook Dong-Sik works, in Brokerage Company. The real psychopath was Seo In-Woo who work as a financier.

He is a stonyhearted and psychopath serial killer. He has lost his diary containing crimes with detailed information. He feels unsecured because he knows that he lost something very heinous.

Due to the occurrence of numerous crimes, Sim Bo-Kyung, who was involved with Yook Dong-Sik’s car accident, decided to catch the serial killer as he began to unfold truths.

The story itself was very engrossing that even Park Sung Hoo was pleased to be part of this one of a kind thriller. Park Sung Hoon as Seo In-Woo, the serial killer, accepted the role as he stated that it is very intriguing. According to him, it was a privilege to work with Lee Jong-Jae, the director of “Psychopath Diary”.

He added that it is very fascinating for him because he dreams to be once remembered as a new kind of villain. A villain that lived like just any ordinary citizens, exist around but wears a thick mask. His co-star Yoon Si-Yoon was amused with the plot as he portrays Yook Dong-Sik.

Jung In-Sun will also appear in the thriller as a police officer named Sim Bo-Kyung who will dare to find the psychopath serial killer. In addition to other characters, Subin will also take the role of a Highschool student, the youngest member of Yook Dong – Shik’s family.

Psychopath Diary Review

Together with Lee Jong-Jae, the director, he will also work with some of the creative writers who share different ideas to create something spectacular; Ryoo Jong-Jae, Kim Hwan-Chae, and Choi Sung-Joon.

The premiere of this new cliffhanger will happen on Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30 on November 20, [2021]. I can say, me myself was renowned for this kind of genre containing idiomatic narration that will surely be admired by everybody. “Psychopath Diary” another thrill that will bring so much remembering for, via TVN, a must check to be followed so make sure that you are updated with this new series.

Psychopath Diary [2021] Trailer

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