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Premiere Episode of ‘Voice 4’ Got 19+ Rating!

21 / 100

19 rating goes for season four of the sound-tracking thriller series Voice on its premiere episode!

voice 4
According to a report by Korean media outlet Herald POP, it was decided the first episode of Voice 4 will air with an R19 status to improve the drama’s completeness. With that, viewers under the age of 19 are advised against watching the episode.

Subtitled Judgement Hour, Voice 4 follows the employees of the 112 emergency call center as they race against the clock to catch criminals. Lee Ha-na (A Piece of Your Mind) returns to reprise her role as Kang Kwon-joo, a gifted voice profiler and leader of the “Golden Time Team.”

Lee is joined by her new partner, actor Song Seung-heon (Dinner Mate), who plays Derek Jo, a principled detective and a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) elite officer. Together, they will chase after a vicious killer who has the same enhanced hearing ability as Kwon-joo.

Voice 4 is helmed by director Shin Yong-hwi of Cross (2018) and penned by screenwriter Ma Jin-won of the Voice series franchise (2017, 2018, 2019). Comprised of 14 episodes, the Friday-Saturday drama will air on tvN beginning today, June 18, at 10: 50 p.m. KST.

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