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“Now We Are Breaking Up” Best Scenes!

14 / 100

New Romance Drama “Now We Are Breaking Up”

The day has finally come when we can see Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong’s highly anticipated new romance drama. “Now We Are Breaking Up” is the new SBS K-drama that many have been waiting to premiere for what has felt like ages. Curious to know if the series met expectations? Keep reading to find out what we loved!

Now We Are Breaking Up1


Warning: Spoilers ahead!


1. Song Hye Kyo’s flawless beauty

Song Hye Kyo’s flawless beauty

Song Hye Kyo has taken on the role of Ha Young Eun, a fashion designer with big dreams of moving up within her company. She has always longed to work in the fashion industry and has even put her love life aside in order to achieve her goals.

A cold and goal-driven realist character is not new for this veteran actress, but seeing her in all these lavish outfits and looking more gorgeous than ever really has our eyes glued to the screen. We can’t help but gravitate toward her flawless beauty throughout the series, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her be the talk of the town as people fawn over how amazing she looks as well as her outfits. Make way for the queen!

2. Jang Ki Yong’s dashing good looks

“Now We Are Breaking Up” Best Scenes!

With Jang Ki Yong currently fulfilling his military duties in the army, his fans are thoroughly blessed with this gift that he has left us. It has been a busy year for this rising star as he starred in two dramas (“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” and “Now We Are Breaking Up”) as well as one movie (“Sweet and Sour”).

In this series, Jang Ki Yong plays hot-shot fashion photographer Yoon Jae Guk who is well known in the industry. His family is wealthy, but Jae Guk seems more free-spirited and independent. He meets Ha Young Eun, and the two spend a night together, an event that Jae Guk seems to have difficulty getting over. Fate brings him back to her in Seoul, but she acts indifferent towards him. It is later revealed that she does in fact remember him but acted like she didn’t.

I’m sure we can expect a lot of charm, charisma, and swoon-worthy moments from our leading man. Fans of Jang Ki Yong know exactly how much of a heartthrob he can be, so we shall wait patiently to see his character blossom.

3. The inside look into the fashion industry

The inside look into the fashion industry

There is a whole lot of fashion in this series, which will be exhilarating for those who are into it. Because Song Hye Kyo plays a fashion designer, there are a lot of scenes where the current fashion trends are depicted, and her character models many of them. The series does a great job of bringing this industry to light and combining it with the evolving love story between the two leads. It also shows the conflicts that arise from being in the industry that many would not have expected. The demanding, high-paced, competitive, and exhausting ladder that Young Eun has to climb in order to get promoted and achieve her dreams is thoroughly depicted, and the emphasis on it is rather unique for a K-drama.

Look at the elegance:

So chic and beautiful!

So chic and beautiful! 


4. All of the steamy kiss scenes

“last kiss”

When Jae Guk and Young Eun meet again, Young Eun is less than ecstatic to see that her one-night stand has come into her life again. She is cool about it and does not let Jae Guk ruffle any of her feathers. He’s persistent in wanting to spend some time with her, and it’s obvious that he’s into her. Despite these advances by him, Young Eun is not budging. Seeing the two engage in witty banter and seeing Jae Guk continue to flirt with Young Eun is very intriguing.

And then we have the kiss scenes. If this isn’t a fast-burn K-drama then I don’t know what is. Viewers are greeted with a bed scene in the first episode and then an exhilarating kiss in an elevator in episode 2.

5. A very intriguing back story

A very intriguing back story

Although the series seems predictable and typical in terms of a love story romance, “Now We Are Breaking Up” is already hinting at some twists and surprises.

After Yoon Jae Guk meets Ha Young Eun again as they are both part of the fashion industry, he takes a strong liking to her. Young Eun is determined to not let him get in the way of her achieving her dreams. She also discovers that Jae Guk went on a blind date with her boss, a relationship in which Young Eun does not want to get intertwined with. Young Eun takes her stance and draws the line between them, reiterating why the two would never work.

Jae Guk is smitten. He doesn’t want Young Eun to slip out of his hands, so when he calls in for a favor in order to help Young Eun out of a sticky situation, he finds out a very prevalent secret. Young Eun and Jae Guk both know a man by the name of Yoon Soo Wan who passed away some time ago. Young Eun’s last words to Jae Guk when he asks her how she knows Soo Wan is, “We are in the process of breaking up.” It seems as though the title may have more to do with Young Eun and Soo Wan than it does between the two main leads, but I am sure we’ll find out more as the story unfolds.