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New Management Agency for Kim Tae-ri and Jeon Yeo-been

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On July 12, their former agency J-Wide Company announced that Kim and Jeon have joined Management mmm, an agency established by a team of staff who previously worked with them.

Kim Tae-ri

Famous actresses Kim Tae-ri and Jeon Yeo-been have decided to make a fresh start at a new management agency.

Read J-Wide’s official press release below.

“A team of employees who worked with J-Wide Company for a long

time has decided to build Management mmm, taking on a new start with screen stars Kim Tae-ri and Jeon Yeo-been.

Kim Tae-ri debuted in the film The Handmaiden [2016] and has participated in a wide range of activities including the films Little Forest [2018], 1987: When the Day Comes [2017], and Space Sweepers [2021] along with the drama Mr. Sunshine [2018]. Jeon Yeo-been has also carved her own path in the industry through diverse acting transformations in the films After My Death [2018], Secret Zoo [2020], and Night in Paradise [2021] as well as in the dramas Be Melodramatic [2019], Vincenzo [2021], and others.

Management mmm is a company created based on trust with the two artists, hence, we will continue to help out with their various works and future endeavors.

In addition, as we have been together with its founders for a long period, J-Wide Company will support the new steps taken by Management mmm and will strive for the development of both companies, maintaining a strong bond between us as we move forward. We plan to support each other’s activities as good partners, so please show us lots of interest. Thank you.”