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New Korean Romantic Drama “Doom At Your Service” Filming Trial And Error Scenes

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The new making-of video of tvN’s “Doom at Your Service”  has been released!

Doom At Your Service

Getting ready to film a hugging scene, Seo In Guk closes certain a decent embrace with Park Bo Young. Afterward, the actress reveals, “My neck almost broke.” While hugging, she says, “Today, I’m really small, so this isn’t understanding. I’m really sorry.” Seo In Guk spreads his legs further apart to match Park Bo Young’s height. Park Bo Young states, “It’s okay since you’ve got to seem cool.”

When the director decides on the right height difference, Park Bo Young comments, “I can tippy-toe to the present extent.” Eventually, the actress stands on a wooden board to satisfy the proper height. Park Bo Young shares, “If you receive the filming directors’ love and interest, you’ll look pretty. I should do an honest job too!”

Looking at Shin Do Hyun’s picture, Kang Tae Oh is shocked to find out that the photo is edited. Confused, he asks, “The face and body were edited together?” The staffer replies that it’s actually the flowers within the background that are added.

When asked about giving love advice, SF9’s Dawon shares, “I’m good at giving advice, but I’m bad at [romantic relationships] myself.” Kang Tae Oh adds, “Isn’t everyone like that? I’m like that too.” While rehearsing, Dawon makes a suggestion, which he carries out naturally during the particular filming.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Shin Do Hyun rehearse their kiss scene within the rain also. Lee Soo Hyuk repeatedly shares, “I got hit by her shoulder,” causing Shin Do Hyun to laugh and apologize. Later, Lee Soo Hyuk gets shy as he’s showered with compliments by the staff and actors.

During a special hugging scene with Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk gets playful as he suggests funny poses. Putting his head directly on top of Park Bo Young’s, Seo In Guk shared, “This way, both our faces show directly .” during a hilarious tone, Park Bo Young comments, “That ruins my mood a touch .” Park Bo Young also pretends to cry from the pain of Seo In Guk hugging her too tightly where her mic is.

Park Bo Young shares, “Our Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) is so cool, but I don’t think he should begin on these making-of videos.” the 2 actors remain playful as they discuss their kiss scene thorough. Trying out different angles, Park Bo Young comments, “If your pose is difficult, it comes out looking pretty [on camera].” With multiple takes, Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk perfect the romantic kiss scene.

Watch the complete making-of video below!