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New Korean Drama Project for Lee Sung Kyung

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Lee Sung Kyung shooting for a new Korean drama project!

Lee Sung Kyung

On April 26, an industry rep reported that the starlet will certainly lead the upcoming dramatization “Shooting Star”.

In response to the record, her firm YG Home entertainment commented, “Lee Sung Kyung is positively considering [the offer] to star in ‘Shooting Star.”.

“Shooting Star” will inform the stories of people who function behind the scenes of the show business such as PR teams, managers, as well as reporters.

Lee Sung Kyung has actually been offered the duty of Oh Han Byul, head of the PR group at an entertainment agency. She is recognized in the sector for her all-natural skill, understanding precisely what captures the general public, as well as she has a convincing voice and eyes.

If she approves the function, this will certainly be Lee Sung Kyung’s very first dramatization in over a year considering that “Dr. Romantic 2” in very early 2020.