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New Korean Drama ‘Monthly House’ was released its First Ever teaser!

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The first ever teaser of JTBC’s upcoming drama Monthly House has released!

Monthly House is a home-searching, romance drama about two people with contrasting perspectives when it comes to houses. It stars Jung So-min (Soul Mechanic) as Na Young-won, the editor of Monthly House magazine who has been renting for 10 years, while Kim Ji-seok (My Unfamiliar Family) plays Yu Ja-seong, the wealthy CEO of Monthly House magazine who is also a famous investment expert.

Jung So Min

In the teaser, Young-won enjoys cleaning and decorating her apartment, taking care of it every day as if it is her own place. “Who cares if it’s rent? Even if it’s not a house I bought, it’s a place I can fill with my memories. I’ll show you a house you want to live in,” she says in the video. On the other hand, Ja-seong only sees a house as a means for property investment and for resting. As someone who grew up poor, he believes real estate is the only way for someone to become rich in the future. “Your salary cannot keep up with the rising house prices. The answer is buying a house. You have to have an eye for good houses. I’ll show you a house you have to buy,” Ja-seong shares as he strolls around a luxurious building.

The production team shared, “This video shows the meaning of a house as a place where one lives and as a property worth investing in. Monthly House is the story of not just Young-won and Ja-seong but of all of us who live in unique houses. Please look forward to the premiere.”

Monthly House, also known as Monthly Magazine Home, will air on JTBC beginning June 16 at 9 p.m. KST, following the conclusion of Law School.