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New Korean Apocalyptic Drama ‘Happiness’ this 2021!

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Teaming up to lead a new Korean drama is confirmed!  Han Hyo-joo (W – Two Worlds), Park Hyung-sik (Suits), and Jo Woo-jin (Mr. Sunshine)


Happiness is an apocalyptic thriller set in a world that has been plagued with an infectious disease that gives people unquenchable thirst. The story centers on a high-rise apartment whose residents are gripped with fear as they battle for survival and choose their lives over their values.

Jo Woo-jin will join them as Han Tae-suk, a lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces Medical Command who holds the “key” to solve the crisis. He is secretly in charge of uncovering the cause of the new infectious disease and preventing its spread. He is polite and modest, but he is also unpredictable, making it difficult to read his intentions.

Park Hyung-sik will portray Jung Yi-hyun, a clever and honest homicide detective in the violent crimes unit who acts for the common good, even at the expense of his safety. He has romantic feelings for Sae-bom, his schoolmate back in high school, so when she hands him an unexpected proposal, he suddenly gets caught up in a whirlwind of events.

Han Hyo-joo will play the role of Yoon Sae-bom, a tactical police agent with quick-thinking abilities, fast judgment, determination, and guts. After moving into her new apartment, she suddenly comes face-to-face with a crisis, which challenges her skills as an agent.

The production crew said, “Happiness depicts human desires and discrimination between classes against the backdrop of an apartment where people with various personalities and desires live together. In these days, when we feel the importance of our daily lives, we will provide a different kind of fun with the most realistic view of the ongoing horror.”

Happiness is set to begin filming this month.