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Na In-Woo in talks with ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ to Reunite!

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Na In-woo in talks to reunite with ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ PD in new webtoon-based drama

Earlier today, April 23, an industry insider revealed to the media that the actor has been selected to play the main character of the new drama The Jinx’s Lover (tentative title). In response, Na In-woo’s agency Cube Entertainment clarified, “Na In-woo has indeed been offered to star in the new drama The Jinx’s Lover, and he is positively considering the proposal.”

Shortly after the conclusion of the KBS2 historical drama River Where the Moon Rises (2021), one of its main stars Na In-woo and its director Yoon Sang-ho are already in talks to reunite for a new webtoon-based drama.

River Where the Moon Rises

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the drama depicts a fantasy-romance story of an ordinary and unlucky man who has accepted his fate and a goddess who runs away from home to break a curse. The webtoon became popular both locally and internationally since it started its first serialization in May 2020, and it has also recorded a high rating.

Na In-woo has been offered the role of Gong Soo-kwang, a brewmaster who owns a beer store. He is passionate, hardworking, serious, and is popular among the women. He had an eventful and romantic life until it all changed when he turned 19.

Before stepping in to replace the male lead star of his most recent drama, Na In-woo gained attention for his role in tvN’s fantasy rom-com Mr. Queen (2020–2021). The actor has also appeared in other dramas such as Best Chicken (2019), Unasked Family (2019–2020), and Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020).