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‘Mouse’ KDrama Apologize for Broadcast Delay

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tvN’s crime-thriller drama Mouse has been obtaining popularity lately because of its actors set and also intense plot.

Nonetheless, the network lately excused the delay in the program of the series’ latest episode. Initially, the 15th episode was set up for broadcast on Thursday, April 22, at 10: 30 p.m. KST, but the show started 20 minutes later on at 10: 50 p.m.

“The post-production of the 15th episode of Mouse [got] delayed, which resulted in the delay of the broadcast. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience in viewing,” tvN stated.


Together with the apology, the drama officials likewise dropped a statement. As opposed to the arranged 16th and also 17th episodes on April 28 as well as 29, a unique episode labeled mouse: The Predator will be aired to disclose surprise stories of the actual killer. The current episodes have actually made stunning story spins that raised questions regarding the story’s plan and the genuine occasions that have taken place because of the very first episode, which led to the production of the special spin-off.

The story of Mouse starts with the introduction of a clinical discovery that can predict if a fetus inside a mommy’s womb has the genes of a psychopath. Nevertheless, the examination is incapable in conclusion if the kid will acquire the 99 percent poor genetics that will certainly transform the child into a future serial killer or the 1 percent good genetics that will certainly transform the baby right into a future genius, which places the anticipating moms and dads between the devil and the deep blue sea. Years later, the story currently fixates a novice policeman and a criminal investigative on a hunt for a serial awesome who has actually clutched the entire country with anxiety. It stars Lee Seung-gi (Vagabond) as Police Officer Jeong Ba-reum as well as Lee Hee-joon (Mistress) as Detective Go Moo-chi. The spin-off will certainly be divided into 2 components as well as will discover even more details of Ba-reum’s true nature by retelling the serial murder instances in his perspective.

Mouse is presently in the final parts of the story, where the narrative is centered on Ba-reum’s awakening as a killer. Episode 16 will certainly air on May 5 during the usual time slot.