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Lead cast of new film ‘Jeong-yi’ Netflix Production confirms

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New film for Jeong-yi was announced by  Netflix production to be led by Train to Busan (2016) director Yeon Sang-ho.


The streaming giant has also confirmed the cast lineup.

Jeong-yi is Netflix’s newest addition to its growing slate of original films. The sci-fi movie is set in the 22nd century where a civil war had broken out in the man-made shelter created for human survival after Earth has become uninhabitable due to climate change. The story centers on a robotics research institute tasked with creating a robot out of a brain clone of the legendary mercenary named Jeong-yi, who will be the key figure in winning the war. The film’s current lineup consists of stars Kang Soo-yeonKim Hyun-joo, and Ryu Kyung-soo.

Meanwhile, Kim will take on the titular role of Jeong-yi, a former leader of the Allied Forces and is the main subject of the brain cloning experiment. This will mark Kim’s return to the big screen following Shin Suk-ki Blues in 2004.

Kang, who has starred in many film masterpieces such as The Blue in You (1992) and Jury (2013), has joined the movie as Seo-hyun, the team leader of the research institute that specializes in brain cloning and AI technology. She leads the team responsible for cloning the brain of Jeong-yi and testing its combat power.

Rounding out the main cast is A Resistance‘s (2019) Ryu, who is set to play Sang-hoon, the head of the research institute who oversees the brain cloning experiment of Jeong-yi.

Jeong-yi (working title) is set for release exclusively on Netflix.