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Highest Ratings Of Entire Season Achieves “Hospital Playlist 2”

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On September 16, the second season of the hit medical drama ended on its highest viewership ratings yet. According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Hospital Playlist 2” scored an average nationwide rating of 14.1 percent, marking a new all-time high for the season.

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2” has ended on a high note!

Hospital Playlist 2

“Hospital Playlist 2” also successfully maintained its winning streak at the top of its time slot, remaining first place across all channels—even including public broadcast networks—for its highly-anticipated finale.

Meanwhile, the producers of “Hospital Playlist” confirmed yesterday that while both the production team and the cast have expressed definite interest in reuniting for another season in the future, at the moment, there are no concrete plans for a third season of the drama.

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