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Heart-fluttering Teaser for the New Korean Drama ‘Nevertheless’ by Han So-hee and Song Kang’s

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Upcoming JTBC drama Nevertheless has dropped its first teaser video featuring lead stars Han So-hee and Song Kang.

Nevertheless, also known as I Know But, is a webtoon-based series that follows the story of a man who finds relationships a bother and resorts to flirting instead and a woman who dates but has all but given up on love.


The 17-second preview clip opens to a butterfly tattoo at the back of a man’s neck then shifts to show a smiling Yoo Na-bi. Na-bi (Han So-hee, The World of the Married) is an art student who has sworn off relationships and believing in destiny after going through a cruel heartbreak. She goes out on dates but refuses to fall in love again. The video then shows Park Jae-eon (Song Kang, Navillera), who is also beaming warmly. Jae-eon attends the same university as Na-bi. Unlike Na-bi, he dislikes dating and prefers to flirt. Despite his friendly demeanor, he is uninterested in other people and does not easily get swayed by his emotions.

The clip then reveals that the two characters are slowly walking toward each other as petals fall on them. Their sweet smiles by the end of the video suggest that as they cross paths, the two will begin to break down each other’s protective walls when it comes to love and relationships and spark romance.