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Exclusive Contract of Ji Soo terminates by KeyEast

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KeyEast Entertainment has recently come to a decision to part ways with the actor following Ji Soo‘s entanglement in controversies.

Ji Soo

In March, in the middle of the broadcast of his last drama River Where the Moon Rises (2021), allegations of Ji Soo’s involvement in bullying and other violent acts during his school days surfaced online. While the actor immediately responded with a handwritten letter of apology, this led the management of the KBS2 drama to remove him as the lead star.

As the drama already aired six episodes then, and Ji Soo had already completed filming for 18 episodes, the crew had to reshoot his parts with rising star Na In-woo, his replacement, from the very start. Afterward, production company Victory Contents filed a lawsuit for damages amounting to 3 billion KRW against KeyEast Entertainment.

Below is the full text of the agency’s official statement regarding the termination of their contract with Ji Soo.

“Hello, this is KeyEast.

This is a notice that the exclusive contract with our agency’s actor Ji Soo has come to a conclusion.

We assessed that it is currently difficult for Ji Soo to carry out activities, and we respect the actor’s personal intention to not cause further harm to the agency, so a mutual final decision was made to terminate his contract.

Regarding the ongoing lawsuit on River Where the Moon Rises, we will do our best until the end in order to resolve the situation.

Thank you.”