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Dark Hole Main Posters

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Ahead of its best, upcoming OCN fantasy-thriller drama Dark Hole has actually launched a combo of blood-spattered major posters.

Dark Hole

Dark Hole follows humans as they desperately fight for their lives after smoke from a strange sinkhole slowly transforms their kind into monsters. Kim Ok-vin (Arthdal Chronicles) stars as Lee Hwa-sun, a detective from Seoul who heads to Muji City after getting a phone call from her partner’s killer, as well as Lee Joon-hyuk (Stranger 2) as Yoo Tae-han, a local of Muji City and a previous detective who currently works as a tow-truck motorist. With each other, they laid out to conserve and assist individuals from the risk lurking under them.

In among the main posters, Muji City is covered in black smoke. Hwa-sun and also Tae-han stand at the facility, geared up with gas masks as well as a solitary weapon to safeguard themselves from inhaling the smoke as well as those who have actually failed to do so. The yellow bus behind them appears to act as a painful reminder of the risk-free and normal lives they when had prior to the here and now ended up being a terrible fight for survival. Hwa-sun holds Jeong Do-yoon (Lee Ye-bit, The Uncanny Counter) by the hand, however the girl seems to be the one securing her. The production team discusses, “Do-yoon, a child who holds hands with Hwa-sun in the middle of a survival field, plays a vital part.”

Dark Hole

At the same time, the second variation reveals Hwa-sun and also Tae-han now with the various other survivors. Hwa-sun’s back is turned against the camera, blood almost soaking her coat. Everyone’s eyes are set on the exact same instructions, magnifying the visitors’ inquisitiveness regarding the horror that all of them are observing because exact minute. Adding even more strength to the image is the subtitle that checks out, “We have come to the era of survival.”

Dark Hole was previously slated to air as a Saturday-Sunday drama beginning April 24. However, along with the release of its main posters, the production shared that the series will now be broadcast as a Friday-Saturday show and will air simultaneously on its home network OCN and cable channel tvN at 10: 50 p.m. KST starting on April 30.