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Can’t Stop Teasing Behind The Scenes Of “Monthly Magazine Home”

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New behind-the-scenes video of JTBC’s “Monthly Magazine Home”!

Monthly Magazine Home” is a romance drama that centers around the topic of housing. Jung So Min stars as Na Young Won, a woman who believes that houses are for living in, and Kim Ji Suk stars as Yoo Ja Sung, a man who believes houses are for buying and selling.

The making-of video begins with Kim Ji Suk excitedly announcing, “Today is the day Young Won gets dumped.” Jung So Min laughs but quickly stops and pretends to be angry when she sees the behind-the-scenes camera.

Before filming a scene in which Jung So Min has to act drunk, Kim Ji Suk playfully teases her by telling the camera, “Through her acting, let’s take a look at how our Jung So Min normally makes a scene and causes a drunken uproar after drinking. Don’t forget that acting comes from experience. Please keep watching!”

After filming, the director and Kim Ji Suk both praise her for laughing and acting well to portray her drunken state. The clip cuts to a scene of Kim Ji Suk watching Jung So Min act as he comments, “I’m scared.”

Before filming the next scene, Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min properly stretch out their necks. The director comments, “You guys know you two are being really weird right now, right?” The two actors wave their arms back and forth in sync as the director continues to question, “What are you two doing?”

Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min immediately get serious once filming begins, and Kim Ji Suk easily lifts Jung So Min to carry her to bed. However, Jung So Min accidentally grabs the inside of Kim Ji Suk’s coat, so the two actors have to repeat the scene. Nailing the scene on their second try, Jung So Min shouts, “Success!” while Kim Ji Suk makes a thumbs-up sign.

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Monthly Magazine Home” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST.