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The All Time Korean Drama Series [2022]

Korean Drama Review [2022]

In this time and age, there is probably no one who has never heard of Korean dramas; especially nowadays when the Korean wave is getting bigger and more popular than ever.

This may sound pointless or biased coming from someone who’s fascinated by Korean culture, but just read on and you’d surely get and understand why I highly recommend giving Korean dramas a try. Someone who doesn’t watch Korean dramas or someone who dislikes Korean dramas may wonder, what is it with these Korean dramas and why are people so into it? Here are a few important points would like you to remember: ingenious, relatable, well delivered. These are pretty vast observations so let me break them down a bit.

Ingenious because there is always something new and creative which, in a way, makes it addicting (the good kind) and it fishes a lot of viewers thus making the series successful. From the set of the series to the tone of the story, and to the videography, the Korean dramas overall are very appealing to the masses. What makes them so interesting also are the relatable characters and it makes the viewers sympathize/empathize with the characters.


Fantasy genre aside and the likes, Korean Drama Series have that certain feel that makes it a very nice slice of life series. True to life predicaments, situations, and many more are mostly shown in certain episodes of Korean dramas.

Aside from those, most of the Korean dramas are greatly delivered meaning they are polished and the plot of the story is well written. Not to compare in a bad way, most Korean dramas I have seen are different from the Western series (in some way), Spanish dramas, and the local series. The Korean dramas just like any other series from other countries are written beforehand and planned well.

Plot-wise, the stories are conveyed coherently thus establishing a good connection with the viewers. Don’t get triggered by what I’m about to say about other international series or local series; they have their own charm and people have their own preferences too. I’ve had my fair share of local series and international ones; they also have advantages and disadvantages like Korean dramas.

There may be certain things in my list that may be touchy for some of you but I hope it won’t be too harsh. For Korean Drama Series though: (1) they can be addicting in a bad way giving rise to a breed called koreaboos, (2) they can be bad for your wallet if you got hooked real bad, (3) not all Korean dramas are delivered well, (4) some Korean dramas have a bit of the so-called Korean Drama Series standard of beauty which may badly influence younger people if not presented well, (5) some cliché unrealistic situations distort the mindset of some people about reality.


I’d love to expound on those some other time. Some of you might be saying see I told you so!, but hear me out on the good stuff. Advantages aside from the first ones are: (1) Korean dramas cover a wide variety of genres wherein people can learn and can become aware of certain situations whatever the race/gender e.g. medical set dramas like Doctors, Good doctor, It’s okay that’s love, etc.

(2) they help develop new language skills and educate viewers with Korean culture, (3) Korean dramas evolve in a good way as time goes by and they help give color to different aspects in life, (4) Korean dramas are known for their aesthetics which is also a part of hallyu if I may say and some tourists even go to Korea for their Korean drama pilgrimage, (5) the most important point that I had to put last for impact is that Korean dramas can be an outlet for some people who are feeling down or in the dark void and it’s a way for them to feel something even for just a few hours or it’s a safe place for viewers to be in.

There are a lot more I’d love to tell you someday. But for now, those are the advantages and disadvantages of Korean dramas in a nutshell.

The Best of Best Network Dramas

Korean Dramas Series now a days are even more accessible compared to 10 years before where we relied on Youtube or local TV stations to air the Korean dramas we’ve been excited to see but could not reach because of lack of resources or language barriers. This only means that the gate to Korean dramas is just a click away now. In these few statements I’ve made, I hope that you, the reader, may consider Korean dramas a try and not overlook them. Like life, it’s “like a box of chocolates”.

That was a random Forrest Gump reference which I thought was applicable to this article. Think of it as a different genre of a book that you haven’t read, or a different blend of coffee you haven’t tasted, or a different kind of music you haven’t appreciated or listened to, a different game you haven’t played, or a different place you haven’t been to. Once you’re in, maybe you’d get a grasp on what I’ve been babbling about and think oh this IS nice to watch and I’m glad I tried it.

If you haven’t tried watching Korean Dramas and series yet I want to give you a simple dare to give it a shot then you can decide after whether or not you like it, but I bet you will! Best TVN Dramas, Best OCN Dramas, Best JTBC Dramas, Best SBS Dramas, Best MBC Dramas, and Best KBS Dramas are some of the options that you can choose from and as early as now I’d like you to prepare yourself for the thrilling experience that you are about to get in.