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Top 3 Highest Rated TvN Korean Drama of 2019

Top 3 Highest Rated TvN Korean Drama of 2019

Since Korean Drama has been illustrious not only in South Korea but also to the world, let’s be allured as we talk about the Top 3 highest rated TvN Korean drama 2019.

It is inevitable for Korean dramas to be compared to other series and there are some episodes that really give audiences goosebumps and an astounding impact. Viewers are easily attached to dramas which is relatable to them or if the content of it is something that they would want to experience. The following have enticed and snatched everyone’s heart and attention by their astonishing stories.

Every detail that you will about read and experience is purely based on the information and reviews given by Korean drama lovers.


top 3 highest rated tvn korean drama of 2019

The drama is about the actress Oh Jin Sim (Yoon In-na), popularly known as Oh Yoon Seo, who was once involved in a drug scandal that damaged her career as the “Korean Wave Goddess”.

After two years of being jobless because of the scandal, Jin-Sim finally had her first offer but it came with one condition she needs to work in the field of a Law Firm to gain experiences and improve her bad acting skills. 

Jin Sim came to the ALWAYS Law firm where she was assigned to work as the secretary of the cold Lawyer Kwon Jung-rok(Lee Dong Wook).

As they continue working together, Jin-Sim who seemed to have a foolish, clumsy, but soft personality developed a romance with the cold and rude, Jung-rok.  The leading stars of Touch Your Heart did a great job for they have good chemistry that caused the cringes and bliss to its viewers.

Although some can say that the characters’ personalities are cliché in Romantic Comedy Dramas, Dong Wook and In-na still carried it out in a way that people could pin it as one of the best dramas that they’ve watched. Overall, this drama can really touch your heart!


he is phychomectric

After the fire destroyed the family of Lee-Ahn (Park Jin-young), he acquired the psychometric ability that enabled him to read the people or objects’ past through physical contact.

He used it to turn down the evil people and as he did, he met Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-Eun) who was hiding her painful past.

As they resolve each other’s’ conflict, they also uncovered the mystery that connects with their lives and with the lives of their supporting characters which are Kang Sung-mo (Kim-Kwon) and Eun Ji-Soo (Kim Da-som).

The Drama nailed the emotions that are needed for the scenes and for the story itself. The combination of the four characters is really appraisable for it brought the story to life and made the viewers root their emotions and curiosity to the whole story of the series. The OSTs, transitions, and flow of the whole drama are also good enough to deliver the mystery, romance, and comedy together without causing confusion.

To sum it all up, He Is Psychometric is a good Drama that could lift and flip your emotions while resolving the mystery behind it.



This magnificent and amusing series revolves around the lives of an unattractive average looking man and a stunning yet persevering female prosecutor who died tragically are given a chance to live another life through soul-reviving marbles in a magical abyss, Go Se Yeon was a tough, well conscientious prosecutor who works in the Seoul District public office but, a disgraceful circumstance happened, Se Yeon gets into a cataclysmic accident and died woefully.

However, because of the magical marble “abyss” She was revived but with a new common appearance based on how good her spirit was in her previous life.A man named Cha min who is possessing wealth, connection and intelligence is quite insecure about one thing.

He has a humble attitude and he is a kind-hearted person Cha Min was the heir to Korea’s top cosmetic company, He considers himself as unattractive man and has self timidity, also gets into an accident and unfortunately died, due to the mysterious ”abyss” he came back to life with an impeccable appearance as a wonderful handsome man as bright as his spirit in his previous life.

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