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Cheap Cheonrima Mart

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  • Title: Cheap Cheonrima Mart
  • Also known as: Ssabnida Cheonrimamateu
  • Hangul: 쌉니다 천리마마트
  • Director: Baek Seung-Ryong
  • Writer: Kim Kyu-Sam (webcomic)
  • Network: tvN
  • Release Date: September, 2019
  • Runtime: Friday 23:00
  • Country: South Korea


  • Lee Dong Hwi – Moon Suk-Goo
  • Kim Byung Chul – Jung Bok-Dong
  • Park Ho San – Kwon Young-Goo


The title of this new series does not fit the content of it, because it is not cheap rather it is more than just expensive meaning worth watching! “Cheap Cheonlina Mart” is a Korean drama which was originally a webtoon adaptation. This drama cheap cheonrima mart was adapted from the “Ssabnida Cheonrimamateu”, a webcomic by Kim Kyu-Sam published from July 2011 to October 2013. It explores the story of employees catching short where staffs behave like superiors and fall short in giving customer satisfaction. The manager attempts to revive the mart and oppose the “human bulldozer” boss that plans to demolish the mart.

Cheap cheonrima mart kdramaMoon Suk-Goo played by Lee Dong-Hwi works as a manager at cheap cheonrima mart owned by the Daema Group. Cheonrima Mart’s business prospectives looks depressing as they have a very few customers which make Moon Suk-Goo disappointed with the store’s hopeless situation.

Moon Suk-Goo is a young and naive mart manager who dreams to make Cheonlima Mart the Number 1 retailer store. His character in the story seems a bit feebleminded and slow however he has high hopes of becoming an employee at the headquarters of the Daemae Group by restoring the mart by bringing back the shoppers and reliving the mart’s shopping experience.

One regular day at a mart, Jung Bok-Dong, a genius, and a former executive at Cheonrima Group was demoted to CEO at Cheonrima Mart. Being demoted to being the boss of the Cheonlima Mart, this upsets him so he tries to push the mart to its downfall by hiring people who seemed to be unlikely to be hired by any other company. Meanwhile, Moon Suk-Goo assumed that with the new CEO, it would give a new life and a breather to the store to be able to rise to its bleak future.

Eventually, Moon Suk-Goo, the manager, is starting to build hopes that the marts will eventually experience a transposition with the newly appointed CEO. But this is not the case Jung Bok-Dong had an evil plan to destroy the Cheonrima Mart as revenge on holding a company for his demotion. However, Jung Bok-Dong’s actions have unexpectedly caused the store to attract more customers. The shoppers seemed to like the new management with its new staff. His plan to drive the mart down seemed to fail as his actions caused more shoppers to come. Indeed his actions revealed a vengeful plot to his superiors for lowering his position but results showed otherwise. Can he take his revenge? Or did his actions brought life to the mart? It was the latter. The drama has a humorous twist and turn.

The story of this cheap cheonrima mart is quite interesting. The comedy in this story is quite good There’s more room for entertainment that they incorporate like adding more realistic store scenes, customer to staff funny interactions and more. There are true rumors that sometimes stores can be used for loss or a downfall depending on who manages it. Promotion and store top-ups are different store strategies and are also quite interesting in the movie. The rivalry between Moon Suk-Goo and Jung Bok-Dong makes it even more humorous as the other staff at the mart contributed to its fun and twist in the story.

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