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Korean Drama Review

The Great Show [2022] (Korean Drama Review)

86 / 100

The great show is a political inspired that talks about the journey of a Politician in what sounds would like it to be as a heartwarming and a comedic story.

There are some people that were raised with either fixed knowledge or develop/growth knowledge. More so, people that has a fixed mindset are seems to be so lucky because it’s easier for them to do the task and make SE rightful decisions and those who are developing their knowledge are just going with the flow of life caused they believed that the life could teach them a lesson that is something very important.

But not Song Seung Heon  (Wie Dae Han) he is a truly intelligent person since his childhood, both of his parents believed that their Sin has gifted with a piece of true knowledge and intuition. And he’s still just beginning! He’s still working a lot to gain more brain power that he can use to conquer and by some learning, he is also developing a very good skill on he wanted to be called a “ High Skilled “ Professional.

Dae Han knew that this was his greatest achievement in life and will keep it for future investment for himself. Time flies so fast he then graduated in his college school and dreamed to be a great lawmaker, and yes, he did! But he resigned to that job after for some reasons, the hectic schedules, interviews, and controversies.

The great show review

His life is just not revolving in that situation, for you to know Dae Han was the breadwinner of the family, providing all of the needs of his siblings for the reasons that they can’t work out because they’re not smart at all and their life is just revolving in the laziness. Ever since he builds his own sky castle centering the world of Politics, and for as much as, of his high bar knowledge he easily gained it and victory!

Nowadays, Politics is a timely and relevant issue in such countries around the world, especially in South East Asia, well all know that they’re just placing the half of income in their respective pockets that’s why countries are suffering and became poor due to their greediness. But behind these characteristics of the great show, Dae Han didn’t possess ‘em all. Whereas he wants to save his country and fellow citizens from suffering and poverty.

Though he is a materialistic and a perfectionist one, if you’ll define his attitude in addition, he does not care about his amplitude anymore. He is a high class and perfumed politician in all aspect or whatever dimension would you like to see him. A family could be your wall and pillows when experiencing hardships in life, but for Dae Han, they are just a Thorn and barricades in his choices journey as he is currently on his way through success.

Three siblings that aren’t smart and honest at all, the biggest problem that he is encountering right now. Even what he does, their knowledge and attitude are stuck in like a stagnant river that has a bad odor. Also, the neighbors loved to keep and touch the sauce.

This drama the Great Show will portray the way of our perfectly imperfect individuals come as a family and unite, once again the accomplishment of knowledge will test how long could a person stay in a problematic family yet touching and in a comedic way. A good to watch Drama that can also eye the so-called “Smart Shaming” to others who hadn’t given a chance to live intelligently and super skilled.

Thank you for reading The Great Show as for now new updates will release soon, just keep in touch and stay tuned!

The Great Show Trailer

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