The Wind Blows

The Wind Blows
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The wind blows is an amateurish and a promising South Korean TV series that was released on May 27, 2019, and ended last July 16, 2019, the series revolves once again in a melodrama as it’s heart genre. Starring Kam Woo-sung and Kim Ha – neul.

Spring is the new season wherein all things started to bloom, a flower starts to have and later will break out into blossom in short, petals will start to show their glamorous and vivid colors.

The Wind Blows

Just same with the human life, spring is the season where everything will all starts to develop either strong bonds, friendships and relationships that will cherish together and nourish by trust But when the flaws and painful moments will all start to show off and will flee with the wind and hug it so tightly, just in a seconds it will start to blow everything, would you rather let it to vanish your blissful moments or fight it by using a great shield?

Marrying your counterpart is such a thing of beauty and to build a family of course, for you to have loving support when the obsolete time comes.

The Wind Blows Scene 4

It all begins in having a fierce infatuation and will later proceed to courtship then, destiny will be made a separate way for them and the couple will get married to each. In sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow no forsake will happen.

But how long can you endure the counter ship if she/he had a serious and severe disease?

The tragic story went all start in a happily married couple, that grows a love to each as they are spending a moment of bliss in their lives.

Soo-Jin ( Kim Ha-neul) is a loving wife that satisfies her husband in her full blast love to him and Do Dae-Cheol ( Kam Woo-sung) does the same thing as well.

The Wind Blows Scene 2

Meanwhile, on building their sky castle a huge problem will set them into a poignant misery in their companionship, Dae-Cheol learned that he has a serious disease called “Alzheimer’s “ so, he could do nothing but to make the most painful decision in his life.

he decided to divorce his wife for her sake as he knows that he made the right thing the best to do with because he will no longer have a chance to give his wife a blissful life instead, suffering in his hands.

Indeed, he was still a chance to revive his body and to regen his health but he just surrendered his very own body to the disease.

Soo Jin could do nothing also but to agreed to separate their ways permanently, she will go through in the right way leaving her beloved husband at home for her also to have a children’s, a young talent that could make her love her another and new counterpart.

The Wind Blows Scene 3

They then did the right thing they chose as they both have a respective place now, it’s just for them at least, they made it for some future purposes.

On the other hand, their true feelings inside can’t be taken away by the breeze of the cold air as their colors still connected to each other little did they know.

After approximately six years without tryst, fate just made a new way for them, to meet each other since it is playful and found out what their colors had drawn for them.

The Wind Blows Scene 1

They reminisce together with both tears of joy and pain. This drama tends to capture the fate of all the lovers, and to remind them that not all joyful relationships will lead and stay in just one thing, a happily ever after but the story itself can walk through and unfortunately, sometimes it will land in a sorrowful moment that can vanish the beautiful love story.

The story of Do Dae-Cheol and Soo – Jin just proved and testified that when the wind blows at it’s finest it can remove all the petals of a poor flower and won’t take back anymore. Stay tuned for more updates!

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